The Voxel diagnostic imaging laboratory is located in the Ministry of the Interior hospital in Łódź. The laboratory performs highly specialised positron emission tomography PET-CT scans which are used in the diagnosis and monitoring of the effects of cancer treatment, cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology. Our priorities are the standard of service, professionalism and the speed of diagnosis. The years of experience accumulated by our specialists ensure the highest quality descriptions. We thank our patients for their positive feedback and kind words about the work of our team. We are pleased that our efforts have brought positive results.

Patients’ opinions:
"Good health care, well-mannered staff of very high quality. I hope there are more such centres in our country"
"A professional approach towards patients, the kindness of staff and the care received by the patient make you feel no stress before the test."
"Compared with other hospitals, it is a luxury to visit your hospital. Patient care and all the information are of the highest standard."

Information for patients:
A referral for a PET-CT scan may be issued by a medical specialist from a specialist clinic or hospital ward. The referral must include the stamp and signature of the doctor and the stamp of the referring unit, together with the number of the relevant contract with the NHF. Every referral is internally evaluated and must be accompanied by medical records (e.g. ultrasound, CT, MRI, scintigraphy, PET-CT, histopathology, hospital discharge summary reports, etc.). The documents can be sent by mail, fax or post to the Laboratory. Please make sure that the referral includes the patient’s phone number.

  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET-CT) Laboratory
Północna 42
91-425 Łódź

Tel: 42 273 31 40
Tel: 42 273 31 41
Fax: 42 235 33 62
E-mail: pet.lodz@voxel.pl 

Opening hours:
  • Monday – Friday, 10.00 - 18.00

Laboratory manager:
Magdalena Górska-Chrząstek, MD, Ph.D.