Indications for positron emission tomography

Indications for the PET-CT

The PET-CT is used mainly in oncological conditions as well as in some cardiologic and neurological conditions.

In oncology the examination enables:

  • The early identification of neoplastic lesions
  • An assessment of the progression of the neoplasm
  • Precise treatment planning (e.g. radiotherapy)
  • Precise pre-surgery planning (accurate determination of the spread of the tumour)
  • The monitoring of treatment
  • The early evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment
  • The fastest possible detection of any recurrence of neoplastic disease
  • The costs of the examination are reimbursed by the NFZ in strictly described cases as listed in the referral letter. In other clinical indications it is possible for the PET-CT scan to be performed against payment.

Contraindications against the PET-CT scan

  • Pregnancy or no possibility of ruling out the patient’s pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding poses some limitations for the examination - it is advisable to stop breastfeeding for 12 hours after administration of the radiotracer, and the first lot of milk produced after the procedure should not be given to the child
  • Blood glucose level above 200 mg%
  • No clinical indications for the examination
  • Improper preparation of the patient for the PET-CT scan
  • The scan should not be performed immediately after or during radiotherapy, chemotherapy, after endoscopic examinations, operations, and biopsies, excluding individual cases as prescribed by the physician.