Interesting sites
The website of Fundacja Radiomedica, the only organisation in Poland dealing with the promotion and support of the development of radiology 
Official website of the Radiology Society of Poland / Polskie Lekarskie Towarzystwo Radiologiczne (PLTR) 
Official website of the European Society of Radiology 
Official website of the Radiology Society of North America
Scientific/educational portal with one of the largest collections of articles on radiology on the Internet
Educational site of the Radiology Society of the Netherlands
Portal of medical knowledge, medical news, reports and scientific publications, collection of articles from medical journals
Medycyna Praktyczna (Practical Medicine) is a specialist medical Internet portal, available to doctors, pharmacists and medical students, free of charge
Publisher of specialist journals, books, multimedia, organiser of medical conventions
Borgis reading room offers access to a collection of medical and paramedical articles on the Polish Internet
Portal for specialist doctors
Official website of VIA MEDICA medical publishing house.
Medical portal with the latest information from Poland and abroad, from the world of science, with interesting articles
Medical portal where it is possible to watch and upload one’s own medical films, medical photos or materials for doctors and medical students.
Medical discussion and advisory service available only for doctors