Outsourcing of services

Outsourcing of services is a modern method of solving problems unique to Health Care Centres using the highest quality of diagnostic imaging. Voxel offers flexible outsourcing forms, perfectly suited to the customer’s needs. Within the framework of cooperation based on a Public-Private Partnership, Voxel S.A. establishes a Private Health Care Centre (NZOZ) on the hospital premises or provides apparatus and personnel, while at the same time conducting diagnostic tests for the hospital.

The range of outsourcing services provided by Voxel:

  • Adaptation of rooms
  • Purchase and installation of equipment
  • IT service for diagnostic imaging and teleradiology
  • Medical staff, electroradiology technicians and nurses
  • Contrast agents

Thanks to outsourcing services, patients have access to the highest quality diagnostic services, and health care units save on investing in expensive medical equipment and avoid the associated financial risks. This solution offers mutual benefits. If you are interested in cooperating with us, either in establishing radiological centres or ordering the performance or description of radiological tests, please contact us.

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