Project description

Voxel S.A. received financial support from the European Union under the auspices of the priority axis ‘Investments in innovative undertakings’, Measure 4.4: Investments of high innovative potential, for the project entitled "The implementation of innovative production and service teams in the medical services sector.
The project is being implemented in the 5th Military Hospital, in cooperation with the Policlinic in Cracow, and aims to establish a diagnostic imaging centre equipped with a PET-CT scanner and a magnetic resonance imaging scanner, and a centre of radiopharmaceuticals production using a cyclotron and a radiochemistry laboratory.
The devices essential to the project (such as a PET-CT scanner, an MRI scanner, a cyclotron, and a device for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals) will be the first of its kind in Poland, as their technologies have been available on the worldwide markets for less than one year and are available on less than 5% of global markets at this point.
The investment planned by Voxel S.A. is of crucial importance to the medical services sector in Małopolska Province. Currently, inhabitants of the south-east region of Poland (Małopolska and Podkarpackie Provinces) are deprived of access to diagnostics, which constitutes a key element of the project. In addition, as a result of this investment, Voxel S.A. has a chance to raise its level of innovativeness through the use of the combined PET-CT-MR method, as well as a key medical centre in terms of the production of radiopharmaceuticals for external customers.
Voxel S.A. received funding in the amount of PLN 31 314 952.24 under the auspices of this project.