Who may issue a referral for the scan?
The CT/MRI scans, fully funded by the NFZ, are performed on the basis of a referral letter issued by a doctor employed at out-patient specialist facilities (e.g. specialist practice) with a contract with the NFZ. According to current regulations, each patient referred for a scan should be in possession of a referral from a medical professional, including private examinations.

Regulation of the Ministry of Health dated 21 December 2010 on the types and range of medical documentation:
§ 9. 1. The person issuing the referral for the examination or consultation gives the facility to which the patient is referred, together with the referral letter, information from the patient’s individual records which is necessary to undertake this examination or consultation. The referral letter referred to in par. 1, includes:
1) designation of the facility issuing the referral, in accordance with § 10 par. 1 item 1;
2) designation of the patient, according to art. 25 item 1 of the Act;
3) designation of the type of facility to which the patient is referred for the examination or consultation;
4) other information or data, especially the diagnosis made by the referring doctor and results of the diagnostic tests, to the extent necessary to perform the examination or consultation;
5) date of issue of the referral letter;
6) designation of the person referred for the examination or consultation, according to § 10 par. 1 item 3.
3. The facility performing the examination or consultation passes the results of these examinations or consultations to the facility which has issued the referral / complete text of the regulation available HERE

Additional information

  • Before the examination at the Voxel laboratory, the patient will be asked to complete a questionnaire
  • The results may be sent to the address given by the patient after submission of such a request in writing
  • The result of the examination may be collected only by persons authorised in writing by the patient

Examples of referral letters for examinations and other useful documents: