Group structure and strategy

Voxel Group is one of the leaders in the imaging diagnostics market in Poland and offers a comprehensive range of services and products related to the use of the latest technological advances in medicine. Three entities operate within the Voxel group: Voxel S.A., CDO Jelenia Góra and Alteris S.A. Voxel and CDO provide services in the field of diagnostic imaging, teleradiology and outsourcing, and Alteris provides IT systems for hospitals and diagnostic centres and is responsible for the implementation of projects of equipping diagnostic laboratories. The competitive advantages of the Voxel group are associated with the continuous development of the offer of technologically advanced solutions.



Employs a unique team of professionals with vast diagnostic imaging clinical experience and recognised scientific achievements. Through close cooperation with major suppliers of medical equipment, Voxel laboratories are equipped with modern diagnostic devices and provide specialised services of the highest quality. The basis for the development of the Voxel activity is determined by the need for increased availability of highly specialised diagnostic services in Poland and the adjustment of the offer to meet the expectations of customers.

Voxel Group's strategy for the coming years assumes further, rapid development, in particular by opening new diagnostic centres in Poland, commencing the production of radiopharmaceuticals for internal and external needs, developing research on new diagnostic techniques, providing teleradiology services and developing competence in implementing diagnostic laboratory projects, as well as developing original IT systems for the medical industry in Poland.